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John Goodman On Losing Over 100 Lbs.: ‘It Was Basically Portion Control’

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John Goodman‘s secret to maintaining his more than 100 lbs. weight loss: knowing when to say no.

“It was basically just portion control and ‘I don’t need it,’ ” the actor says in the Feb./March issue of AARP The Magazine. “I was just shoving everything into my mouth.”

“But I don’t want to be an example to anybody when the weight comes thundering back on – when I start eating Crisco out of the can with a spoon and a side of confectioners’ sugar,” he joked.

Despite telling the Today Show in 2016 that he didn’t think his impressive weight loss would last –”just wait another six months and I’ll be back to normal…that’s the way it usually goes,” he said – Goodman has stayed slim.

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The 6’2″ actor, who said to David Letterman in 2011 that he was “pushing 400″ lbs. at his heaviest, previously stated that he lost the weight by cutting sugar and alcohol from his diet and working out six days a week.

Goodman, who will return as Dan Conner when the Roseanne reboot premieres March 27, reflected on the time just after the hit show went off the air – and how it impacted his life.

“I was in pretty bad shape when I left Roseanne, to be honest,” he told AARP. “I had a lot of resentment. I just didn’t care. It was a terrible character fault of mine. I always wanted more of something. There was an emptiness inside me. I still have it, but I know what it is now. You recognize it and go, “There it is.” You don’t have to fill it with another pork chop or a drink.”


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