9 Sweatshirts So Good You'll Want to Wear Them for the Rest of Winter

It’s still winter. Politics sucks, the weather sucks, and we’re all sick of being inside. Our Winteritis stories are for women who can’t read another think piece, who’ve pushed the outer limits of time it’s possible to spend on social media, and who just want to shop online and hibernate until spring is here.

Spring is just around the corner, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at the weather reports. Just a few weeks ago, most of the United States was stuck in a very frigid polar vortex. When the temperature is in the single digits like this, getting dressed to go outside feels nearly impossible. (And don’t get us started on how to get out of bed in the first place.) The easiest thing to do, obviously, is to just throw on a sweatshirt. It resembles your coziest blanket, after all.

And good news: Sweatshirts have been popping up all over NYFW this past week on and off the runway, most notably in the tie-dye variety at Collina Strada. The takeaway? Sweatshirts have always been a wardrobe staple, sure, but now they’re truly trendy amongst the fashion set. Oh, and did we mention they go with everything? You can even wear these once spring finally shows up. So shop the nine best sweatshirts to wear for the rest of winter, below, from a very on-trend tie-dye look to a more simple Champion classic.

Tara Gonzalez is the commerce editor at Glamour, follow her at @tarigonzalez on Instagram.

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